Pest Control can FAIL by different factor, like: Wrong mixture, incorrect product for targeted pests, incomplete application, sanitation, structural damage & resistance.

Wrong product application

Ordinary pest management does not kill all pest! Scorpion, cockroach and other pest need certain product application effectively! Using wrong product will result in FAILURE every time!

Scorpion need certain product that specifically designed to scorpion. Cockroach also needed specific product and application which different from scorpion, ants and other pests. Using the correct product, applying in correct way for targeted pests is the only way to pests & scorpion control EFFECTIVELY!

Wrong mixture

Wrong product mixture is common problem by untrained or pest control professional who didn't read and understand pest control product label. It can cause watery mixture, or applying exceeding risk factor.

Incomplete application

Application won't be effective if hidden area is not treated. It's including wall cavity, unreachable area, cleft and crevices, expansion, under the sun, and other area depending on which target OPT.


Lack of sanitation raises several problem in pest control, including: Cockroach, Bedbug, Flies, Ant, and other pest. Targeting pest with BAITS often result in FAILURE because other food resource, or lack of sanitation. The pests have to take the baits so that they become effective otherwise they will choose other food resource if available!

Structural damage

Regular structural repair has to be done as part of effective pest control depending on target OPT. It's including insulating hole, caulking crevices, fixing damaged floor, fixing screen, etc. Excessive SHELTER and ENTRY point oftentimes result from structural damage, or less, which obstruct pest control resort and fail attempt.

Pest resistance

In history there are pests which become resistance to pesticide. It can became a problem, specially with wrong treatment. Pest which most likely to develop resistance to pest control product are: Cockroach, mosquito, flies, and several pantry bug. These pests tend to become resistance to product because the reproduce quickly, and have short development time, and low migration. They develop resistance and spread it when they reproduce causing product resistance for all species!

The best way to avoid the problem is using I.P.M. Method; and rotating between product which offer different control method. Scorpion, and other invasion won't develop resistance because pest control treatment aren't targeting their reproduce system.