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Integrated Facility Management OUR SERVICES Providing Excellence In Integrated Facilities Management Services & Business Support Solutions Tel (021) 5316 5314read more
Benefits benefits This page of our website is dedicated to provide complete information on our services. We provide cutting edge and latest facility management services to our clients. tel 021 5316 5314 read more
Benefits Include
  • Experience
  • Professional
  • Highly Dedicated
  • Innovative service
  • Efficient

Pest Management for Food Plant & Industry referred by ISO, GMP & HACCP PT Spektra Solusindo

Standard Service Document including :

  • Permit and Company Legality
  • Certified Technician from Health Department
  • Pesticide Label, MSDS & Legality
  • Mapping Pest Control
  • Progress Report
  • Liability Assurance
  • HSE Document
  • Assistance Audit & Inhouse Training

Termite Control :

  • As SNI No.2404 : 2015 and 2405 : 2015 for pre-constructed and constructed building.
  • Using Termiticide which effective but enviromentally friendly
  • Application method including Termite Baiting System (Sentricon, XTerm Sumitomo) and Ceptiva Dusting Method.
  • Quality work as guaranteed

Cat & Dog Treatment (Rabies Control) PT Spektra Solusindo.

Rabies Control Program quarantine wild cat and dog to make sure so that animal does not infected by rabies. Biting animals won't be released from quarantine until proof of Rabies Vaccine from Veterinarian.

Keeping things clean

Housekeeping is the foundation stone of all facility management services. We are one of the best housekeeping service provider in Indonesia. We provide cleaning personnel to take care of cleansing requirements in all types of office complexes, corporate offices, commercial complexes, public facilities, IT companies, institutes, schools, colleges and malls. While performing these services, we ensure that the offered services are within the budget to attain maximum client's satisfaction. Moreover, these services are widely acknowledged by our valuable clients for their timely execution and reliability.


A good housekeeper provides the client with a wide variety of professional services and takes on the responsibilities of cleaning, laundry, cooking and running errands. Each organization is unique therefore the duties and responsibilities are also diversified. We take pride in providing customized housekeeping solutions to our clients.

Typically the housekeeping staff is trusted with the following responsibilities in a corporate setting:

  • Preparing breakfast and cleaning kitchen and breakfast room
  • Keeping refrigerator clean and discarding out-of-date items
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Tidying and cleaning bathrooms and working areas
  • Cleaning unused spaces on a less frequent basis
  • Keeping facades clean
  • Cleaning windows inside
  • Collecting, washing, ironing and returning laundry to the appropriate place. Hand  washing delicate items
  • Managing the wardrobe
  • Arranging dry-cleaning
  • Answering door and telephone
  • Maintaining Landscape
  • Keeping patios, pathways, and steps clean and tidy
  • Watering household plants and flower arranging
  • Carrying out weekly grocery shopping
  • Handling petty cash and debit cards
  • Dealing with tradesmen, suppliers, and contractors
  • Managing security alarms
  • Carrying out any other tasks that the employer may reasonably ask
  • Managing stationary and other inventories

We are an eminent service provider of soft landscaping services that are essential for creating beautiful gardens. Landscaping, right from the conceptualization stage to the execution of the project. It consists of the art of beautifying a given area to its maximum potential keeping in mind the diverse requirements of customers. These services find immense application in homes, companies, schools, hotels, malls, townships and farm houses.

We provide excellent Garden Maintenance Service which is carried out under the supervision of landscape designers. Beautification of exteriors is very much essential as it gives an enchanting feeling and soothing ambiance.

We transform the barren piece of land by implementing designed concepts and making it come alive. This is possible with professionally managed team of engineers and horticulturist who have the technical know how and also have an eye of understanding the fields.

Our solution is to design, manage and deliver a range of services, each driven around a core capability enhanced to suit your demands and objectives.

Our services reflect the diversity of trades and skills we employ at Spektra Solusindo, including everything from combustion and skilled engineers to fabric technicians, grounds maintenance and CAD design.

We understand the value of your assets and the demands of your business up. We will support you in creating a safe, compliant and appropriate work environment and help you to optimize productivity and efficiency within your organisation. 

We will design the optimum mechanical and electrical maintenance regime to suit your business demands.

Having designed the right solution, providing the agreed level of Planned Preventative Maintenance with a level of reactive maintenance to key areas such as HVAC, water hygiene, generator and UPS systems, building management systems and fire & security we ensure that we embed robust management processes. 

These processes define delivery and measure success against the goals we have agreed. 

In addition to establishing the appropriate maintenance intervention frequency, we will establish rigorous management process. 

We will ensure we have the management and operational capability within our organisation to secure the outputs we have agreed. 

These outputs are key to driving the difference.  This is where we add value to our organisation by driving cost reduction, change management, service improvements and business efficiency.

Professional Hygiene Systems

PT Spektra Solusindo has developed a reputation for delivering professional hygiene services, and are committed to supplying quality washroom hygiene products. Our range includes sanitary units, WC and urinal sanitising products, hand dryers, air fresheners, and much more, contact us today to discover our full range, and our competitive prices.

Environmentally Friendly

We take pride in ensuring that all our systems are kind to the environment; you can rest assured that by choosing us, you will also be looking after the environment by avoiding harmful chemical products. Our extensive product range is manufactured to meet the strictest health and safety standards, and designed to provide continuous performance.


  • PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
  • Pearl Oil
  • Star Energy
  • Eni Muara Bakau
  • Medco
  • Pertamina EP Cepu
  • Conoco
  • ExxonMobil
  • PT Elnusa Tbk
  • PT Trans Jakarta
  • PT Kereta Api Indonesia
  • Bandara Soekarno-Hatta
  • PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia
  • PT Badan Klasifikasi Indonesia