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Integrated Facility Management OUR SERVICES Providing Excellence In Integrated Facilities Management Services & Business Support Solutions Tel (021) 5316 5314read more
Benefits benefits This page of our website is dedicated to provide complete information on our services. We provide cutting edge and latest facility management services to our clients. tel 021 5316 5314 read more
Benefits Include
  • Experience
  • Professional
  • Highly Dedicated
  • Innovative service
  • Efficient
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PT Spektra Solusindo

We are a full spectrum Integrated Facilities Management company. We provide world class service to the local markets. Our Services

HousekeepingHousekeeping, Cleaning Services,Outdoor & Indoor

Pest ControlPEngendalian hama meliputu tikus, rayap, serangga lainnya baik dalam industri makanan ataupun pribadi

HVACInstalasi AC dan mechanical engineering

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JM Services

JM Internet Joomla template is using fully responsive layout that adjusts to various screens: desktops, tablets or mobiles.
EF4 Framework includes Layout Builder tool which allows you to customize template layout for different screen dimensions.

There are additional module designs available that you can control by entering a correct suffix name as a module parameter.
Let's check them all.

1. Available module designs


Module Suffixes


2. Use the following suffixes for DJ-ImageSlider module if you want to get the following view for slides. Otherwise a module will use the default css styles.


Suffix name: header-ms


DJ-ImageSlider Suffixes


2. Use the following suffixes if you want add hover effect for "Solutions" Custom HTML modules.

DJ-ImageSlider Suffixes

Suffix name: expand1-ms and expand2-ms

3. Use the suffix for module to reduce space below module.

Suffix name: margin-ms

4. Additional and very useful suffix to make your modules height the same.
You just have to put a suffix at a module configuration to get the specified module height.

See here the screenshot:


_mod300 means that your module will be of 300 pixels high.

If you need to mix suffixes, remember to put that suffix at the end and add space between suffixes, see the example:



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The module is published on the following position: error404-search

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